Diy-Friendly Home Improvements For The Thrifty Homeowner

Whether you’re getting ready to sell or just looking to refresh your home, you don’t need a huge budget to give a noticeable boost to how your home looks and feels. With a modest investment, some DIY skills and a little bit of elbow grease, you can tackle these budget-friendly home renovations in as little as a weekend! Clean your vinyl siding. Many homes with vinyl siding can start to look dingy after a few years of exposure to our harsh Canadian weather. Get yourself a long-handled scrub brush, a garden hose, an environmentally-friendly cleaning product, and some good ole fashioned elbow grease. It’s best to wash your siding by hand rather than use a power washer as it may damage your home’s exterior. If you do decide to use a power washer, test it on a less visible area of your home first to ensure that it is not strong enough to cause cracks in the siding. Repaint the exterior and update the front door. A quick and inex