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Bathroom On A Budget // Salle De Bains À Petit Budget

There are many ways that you can renovate and redecorate your bathroom… often for a hefty price. What is the answer to an economically-friendly, easy renovation? Do it yourself! Here are some DIY bathroom ideas that don’t break the bank but still keep your bathroom stylish! Turn deck tiles into a bath mat Have you recently renovated your deck? Taking a trip to Ikea soon? Deck tiles are a perfect way to create your own sturdy bath mat for. Simply snap them together (or glue them) and place them in front of your shower for a zen, spa-quality bath mat! Ikea sells floor decking for as little as $2.87 per square foot, so what are you waiting for?   Use a watering trough as a tub or sink (yes, we mean it!) Bathtubs and sinks can be extremely expensive to install, so why not just use something with a similar shape? Although it may sound crazy at first, watering troughs are perfect contemporary, reclaimed pieces for a rustic-modern bathroom look. Sleek pieces of wood can be ad