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Five Hacks For Being The Best Guest Over The Holidays // Cinq Trucs Pour Être Le Meilleur Des Invités En Ce Temps Des Fêtes

Holidays are the perfect time to visit family, catch-up with friends and spread cheer to those you love. But nothing is worse then being the houseguest that turns the holidays into work.  If you are planning a visit, long or short, this holiday season, consider these tips to be the best guest your hosts have ever had: Bring a small token of your appreciation:  Your hosts are taking you into their home. Whether it’s your family or a close friend, saying thank you with their favourite bottle of wine, festive floral arrangement or a small gift you know they’ll love will mean a lot. Plan your timing and stick to it:  Work out the expected arrival and departure with your hosts before you arrive, and if something changes let them know so they can plan accordingly. Don’t leave a mess and make sure to help out:  It seems like a no-brainer but offer to help with prep and cleanup for shared meals and keep the things you use extra clean. This is especially tr