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Want To Install An Extra Toilet At The Cottage Without Major Construction? // Vous Voulez Installer Une Toilette Sans Faire De Gros Travaux Dans Votre Chalet?

With the Saniflo above-floor plumbing solution , you can add or modernize your cottage bathroom without the need for extensive and costly renovations or even a septic system.  All you need is a water supply and an electrical outlet, it’s that easy! The Saniflo system - unlike conventional ones – does not require major construction such as breaking concrete or ripping up finished flooring. It minimizes the renovation inconveniences and will not compromise the structural integrity of your cottage. Not only that, it is cost-effective and eco-friendly …perfect for that second home! Find out which product is the best for your needs, by clicking here or by calling our toll-free number at 1-800-363-5864. Our range of products is diverse enough to satisfy every cottage renovation need. The SaniCompact is perfect for a single-family cottage or if you are planning on renting the cottage, or adding a second bathroom, consider combining it with the Saniplus . ________________________