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Attract Homebuyers In An Unpredictable Market /// Attirez Les Acheteurs Dans Un Marché Instable

The Canadian housing market is in a state of flux. While home and condo sales are continuing to do well, forecasters caution that it may not last. For consumers looking to increase the ROI on their homes and attract potential buyers in an unpredictable market, a second bathroom or laundry room may be just the right addition. If you are considering adding a bathroom or laundry room to your home, but are working with a limited budget the best place to start is by doing your homework when it comes to selecting materials and contractors. One proven way to save time and money is to use an above-floor macerating or gray water pump system. Saniflo systems are an economical and convenient way to add a whole bathroom, powder room or even laundry, anywhere traditional installations would be cost-prohibitive or impossible to do. Macerating and gray water pump systems offer a solution to plumping issues by eliminating the need for conventional rough-ins with below-flow drainag