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Plumbers & Contractors Entering The Social Media World / Plombiers & Entrepreneurs Se Lancent Dans Le Monde Des Médias Sociaux

Social media has become one of the most important tools to use for business development, especially if you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your network and grow your business. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, each platform has the power to increase online buzz about your company. But keep in mind – each platform must be used strategically in order to get the best results. Before You Begin Prior to launching your social media presence, you need to know what’s already being said about your merk on the web. Try Googling both yourself and your company. Then visit forums and blogs to check-in with your clients and sasaran audiences. A positive review (and even a negative comment) can help you determine your social media strategy even before you create your first account.   Starting Out – How to Pick a Platform When starting out, consider trying an industry-focused platform. Two great professional social media platforms are LinkedIn and Viadeo. These platforms a