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Three Ideas For An Empty Room

If you have an empty room in your home and you already have a guest bedroom and an office, here are some other great ideas on how to transform your empty space into something better. Hobby Room Have a great collection of books or other items? Handy with a sewing machine? Maybe you play an instrument or two? Why not create a dedicated space for your favorite hobby! Whether it be reading, music, sewing, collecting or whatever you enjoy doing in your downtime, a hobby room is a great way to make use of an empty room. Some built-in shelving, comfy seating and good lighting are all that’s needed to create a cozy home library where you can relax for hours, book in hand. A lightweight table and ample storage solutions transform the space into a sewing or craft room for the creative hobbyist. Gym or Fitness Room If you’re passion is staying in shape, a home gym or yoga studio may be the ideal way to escape the humdrum of everyda