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Leading Upflush Plumbing Company Makes Remote Work Conditions More Comfortable With Its Sanicubic 1 // Le Chef De File De La Plomberie À Chasse Vers Le Haut Rend Plus Confortables Les Conditions De Travail En Milieu Éloigné Avec Le Sanicubic 1

Recently, Saniflo worked with a remote construction site to provide a powerful and cost-effective waste evacuation system for a 300-person, temporary work camp. The camp needed a simple, easy to install plumbing solution that could support workers in harsh conditions and Saniflo suggested its Sanicubic 1 to get the job done.    The Sanicubic 1 is a heavy-duty grinder system, designed to pump waste from multiple fixtures in settings such as a warehouse, office complex, multi-bathroom home or a large-scale construction operation. It has a simplex, one HP grinder system, capable of handling up to 189 litres per minute from multiple fixtures and can pump up to 36 ‘ vertical and/or 328 ‘ horizontal at the same time. The Sanicubic 1 is designed to accept the accidental flushing of sanitary items such as feminine hygiene products, cotton swaps, dental floss and more. It has an external alarm system – both visual and audible – in the event of a failure, plus the electronics are separate