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Add A Second Shower As Part Of Your Home Renovation This Fall /// Ajoutez Une Deuxième Douche Dans Le Cadre De Vos Rénovations Cet Automne

For homeowners thinking about adding a second full bathroom with a shower as part of their fall home renovations, the Sanishower small drain-water pump can be a simple solution. While completing the average shower installation, where plumbing is already accessible, costs an average of over $3,000 , it can be significantly higher if renovations are below or far from the sewer line. The Sanishower makes renovations quicker, easier and more budget-friendly as there is no need to break the floor or the walls for extensive plumbing work. Coupled with a pumping distance of up to 12 feet vertically and 100 feet horizontally, the unit can be installed in difficult to reach areas and anywhere from a basement to the attic. “Unlike traditional plumbing remodeling projects that take time and money, Saniflo’s pump can be installed in as little as one day, leaving more opportunity for homeowners to finish other fall renovations like roof and window repairs,” said Ross Eva