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Bathroom Life Hacks // L’Entretien De La Salle De Bain

We’ve shown you how to renovate your bathroom on a budget, but maintaining your bathroom can be pricey and tiresome. Here are some of our bathroom life hacks that you need to try out! 1. Clean Your Faucets with a Plastic Bag Scrubbing your faucets is a multi-step process that not all of us have the time for. One great way to clean all the nooks and crannies of your bathroom is by tying plastic bags filled with cleaning solution over your faucets and showerheads. Using a rubber grup musik to secure the bag in place, simply soak the valves in solution and leave it there until your desired cleanliness. Come back whenever you want and wash off the remaining solution. It’s easy and requires minimal effort and time on your part! 2. Nail Polish to Prevent Rust Have you ever left a bottle of shaving cream on the tile and it leaves an orange ring stain? We’ve been there too, but nail polish can help. All you need to do is paint the polish on the metal rims of anything that ru