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Sanishower Offers Diverse Plumbing Solutions For The Modern Office, Gym Or Spa // Sanishower Propose Diverses Solutions De Plomberie Pour Le Bureau, Le Gymnase Ou Le Spa Moderne

Saniflo Canada , the worldwide leader in macerating and grinding toilets as well as drain water pumping systems, is showcasing the Sanishower, its next generation pump for commercial applications such as in boutique gyms, spas or office spaces. For business-owners thinking about plumbing renovations for their commercial spaces, the Sanishower, a small drain-water pump, can be an easy solution. For example, as more and more businesses try to incorporate active living initiatives at the office or aim for a more modern image, showers can be a prefect opportunity to cater to and encourage employees’ healthy habits. With its compact design and simple installation requirements, the Sanishower can be installed in smaller spaces and above-floor, saving time and money. The unit connects to a shower, sink, urinal or even inside of a pedicure chair, and is small enough to fit underneath a raised showerbase or under a cabinet. This means that businesses, especially spas and gyms, can e