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How We Are Helping Address The Global Sanitation Crisis

Despite improvement, there is a pressing need to address water sanitation issues around the world. Today, there remain more than 4 billion people without access to a toilet or improved sanitation systems. As a leading toilet manufacturer, SANIFLO® understands the importance of sanitation and its lasting impact on health and living conditions. Since 2006, SANIFLO has been committed to global sanitation efforts, partnering with organizations like the World Toilet Organization (WTO), Wetlands Work! and the Hydraulics Without Borders Association to support development projects aimed at improving access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for people living in developing countries, such as Senegal, Togo and Cambodia. In North America, we take toilets for granted. Referred to as the silent crisis, the topic of human waste is often considered “taboo,” but how can we address a global sanitation crisis if we’re afraid to talk about it? The fact is, many of the people living in