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Powder Room Perfection With Saniflo’S Sanicompact

Many homeowners face the same renovation dilemma – the need for an additional bathroom in a space that’s either too small or would involve costly construction work. Luckily, SANIFLO® gives homeowners the freedom to choose where they want to install a new bathroom, laundry or kitchen, with above-floor plumbing systems that utilize innovative up flush technology. "One of our basements  most glaring issues  was the lack of a bathroom." This fall, SANIFLO worked with homeowners Ed and Robin to help them choose the best plumbing solution for their basement powder room installation. They were looking to turn a tiny 44”x43” storage closet into a functioning bathroom for their family and overnight guests. With no plumbing rough-in and wanting to keep costs and construction minimal, SANIFLO suggested the SANICOMPACT® for their renovation needs.   “Homeowners get really excited when they learn that our toilets are just like regular toilets, with the advantage