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Elevate Your Laundry Room – Literally!

So, you’re tired of lugging your dirty clothes and linens to a laundry on the main floor or, worse, in the basement, and want the convenience of a laundry room located closer to the bathroom and bedrooms? We don’t blame you! The hassle of carrying a heavy laundry basket up and down the stairs each laundry day is a detested chore, especially for older homeowners. Demand for a laundry on the second floor is a growing trend, and one that is easy to accommodate with new home construction, but what do you do if you own an older home with laundry facilities in the basement? When it comes to home renovations, the laundry room is often neglected because homeowners worry about the cost and construction that would be involved to excavate the floor and route new pipes. Traditional plumbing might require you to locate a laundry room renovation close to a bathroom with a pre-existing plumbing rough in. These challenges can simply be avoided by using an above-f