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Too Much For The Do-It-Yourselfer?

So you’ve built a deck in a weekend, renovated a bathroom in a day, and re-painted your living room in less than a few hours. We applaud you, but sometimes even the best do-it-yourselfer can overreach. If you have an army of do-it-yourselfer friends who are willing to work for chicken wings and beer, you might be OK tackling a big weekend project. But if not, you might need to hire a professional. Electrical work is something of that nature. Unless you’re a licensed trade, you could get seriously hurt or seriously mess up your wiring. In the same respect, you could easily end up with leaks and backups without proper plumbing work. If you’re qualified to do so, we say go ahead and work your magic. But if not, consider consulting a plumber the next time you conquer a home renovation project with Saniflo products.


Many bathrooms suffer from too much clutter, which can easily turn a beautiful and relaxing bathroom into a messy and uncomfortable one. This can especially become an issue with a multi-person household where bathroom time can be one of life’s most valuable commodities. We’ve outlined a few quick tips below to help you get organized, un-cluttered, and totally relaxed. 1. His and Hers Have that special strawberry-melon deep conditioning lotion you love so much? Keep it all to yourself! Make sure that each member of your bathroom has a separate storage area for his or her personals. This means separate shelves in the shower and separate drawers in the cabinet. Believe us, this will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for. 2. Bathroom Time Have a very large family and not a lot of bathrooms? Consider making a bathroom schedule for those hectic mornings. This will force everyone into a seamless routine so that everyone gets their beauty time. 3. Find Time to Relax

Eco-Friendly Renos

From solar powered panels to green roofing, almost any home renovation project offers environmentally friendly solutions. Green homes are now popping up all over the country and are hot topics with home improvement television shows and magazine articles.  Did you know that Saniflo offers models that meet these environmental standards? Check out their friendly and stylish Sanicompact and Sanistar toilets. Visit Lowe’s to see if your next project can qualify for a $50 to $75 mail-in rebate when you replace your old toilet with a new, high efficiency model. See below for more details.

It’S That Time Of Year Again – Superbowl Weekend!

It’s Superbowl weekend, and regardless of which team you’re cheering for, everyone knows that the real main event is the food. This is the time of year when the belts unbuckle and diets are thrown out the window. For the pre-game special, why not spend your Saturday making this handy Rolling Kitchen Cart to help prep your famous, suicide Chili? Check out this great article from Home Depot for the play-by-play on this cool weekend project: