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Transform Your Basement Into A Rental Suite With These Two Above-Floor Plumbing Solutions

If you live in a desirable area and you’ve been thinking about transforming your basement to attract renters, now may be the perfect time. In today’s housing economy, converting your basement into a rental suite is an excellent way to help pay off your mortgage, while providing affordable living accommodations for low-income renters. Not only that, the addition of a basement apartment is a home improvement project that provides one of the highest returns on investment and adds value for resale purposes.   Whether you have a basement that you use more for storage than living, or is unfinished, the most important consideration for turning it into a livable space for renters is the addition of plumbing fixtures. The lack of plumbing in this area of the home is a major obstacle faced by many homeowners, especially since the drain line for structuring plumbing for a new bathroom, kitchen or laundry in the basement is located on the main floor of the home. The thought o