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Top Tips For Cottage Opening Season // Les Meilleurs Trucs Pour L’Ouverture Du Chalet

Top Tips for Cottage Opening Season It’s officially June and summer will be here soon. For cottage owners, this time of year is perfect for opening up the cottage! Start your cottage season right by following these tips and tricks from Saniflo: 1       Before you head to the cottage, especially if it’s a far drive away, make sure to check your car’s lights, tire pressure and fluids. If it needs a tune-up, take it in for servicing before your trip. 2       Assemble a car emergency kit, including first-aid items, water and other tools so that you are always prepared in the event of a breakdown. 3       Make sure your boating and/or fishing license hasn’t expired. And, don’t forget to check that your boat trailer is in good working condition. 4       After arriving at the cottage, walk around and look for any signs of winter damage to the exterior. Check the electricity meter and look for any signs of damage to wiring before turning on your power. 5