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Quick Fix Check List

Do you feel like your home needs a little change but you’ve only got a little budget? We have three easy tips for changing up your home inspired by’s article: 10 Budget Updates and Easy Cosmetic Fixes . Splash on that colour: colour trends change seasonally, so it is easy to see your friends bathroom all dressed up in the latest colour palette and get a little jealous. How you can change it? Head to the hardware store and grab a can of paint to spruce up your own small space. For the fall, crisp greys and warm oranges will be found on paintbrushes everywhere. Turn silver into bronze: Your powder room has a brushed silver faucet like everyone else? Why not change it out for a bronze one. This rustic look will give your washroom a completely different feel. You can add a bronze showerhead to complete the rustic look for your whole bathroom. What’s beneath your feet?: Your laundry room is just as much a part of your home as the kitchen. To make it