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It's Saniflo's 25Th Anniversary In Canada! / C’Est Le 25E Anniversaire De Saniflo Au Canada !

Founded in France in 1958, Saniflo began as a company that produced equipment used in water treatment facilities. After 30 successful years in the water treatment business, Saniflo evolved into a company dedicated to solving bathroom, kitchen and laundry issues, particularly where multiple fixtures are desired. Saniflo has built its reputation by producing macerating and grinding systems for commercial and consumer use, particularly in places where traditional renovations or projects wouldn’t be possible or would exceed the budget. These inexpensive and eco-friendly systems are easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and virtually maintenance-free. Not only is this a great solution for plumbers and installation technicians, but also for consumers, thanks to effortless installation. After great successes in Europe, Saniflo came to came to Canada, and for the last 25 years Saniflo Canada has offered products for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry, for both residentia