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World Plumbing Day 2016 // Journée Mondiale De La Plomberie 2016

Saniflo is committed to global water accessibility and celebrates all plumbers World Plumbing Day was established in 2010 by the World Plumbing Council and is celebrated on March 11 by over 100 member organizations in 23 countries. It aims to bring attention to the work that plumbers do around the world, the role they play in public health and to celebrate them for it. It is estimated that approximately 2.4 billion people live without access to a toilet and that almost 3.1 million deaths are caused each year by sanitation-related diseases, much of which could be addressed by access to clean water and basic plumbing. Not only does plumbing have an important impact on health and living conditions, its influence on the economic growth of developing countries is substantial. In fact, according to a study conducted by UNO and WHO, every dollar spent on improving sanitation generates up to a $34 in increased productivity. Saniflo is taking this opportunity, World Plumbing Day