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Saniflo Makes Commercial Upgrades Easy With Sanicom® 1 – Its Newest Innovative Plumbing Solution

Saniflo Canada is the worldwide leader of macerating and grinder toilets as well as drain-water pumping systems for residential and commercial applications. One of their newest innovations is the Sanicom® 1, a pre-assembled gray water drain pump system designed to tolerate the intense demands of commercial applications where hot water is often an issue. Sanicom® 1 is built to sustain temperatures of up to 90 0 C, making it a great solution for commercial environments such as hotels, restaurants, and any other similar applications where additional fixtures may be needed . Hotels can now easily add commercial sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines without the need to disrupt operations with construction or shut down for renovations. The Sanicom® 1 pumps waste water away from these fixtures and is a great solution for commercial kitchen applications where dishwashers must operate at exceptionally high temperatures to meet health and sanitation standards. Th