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Saniflo Is Committed To Global Water Accessibility And Celebrates All Plumbers On World Plumbing Day 2017 /// Journée Mondiale De La Plomberie 2017: Saniflo Réitère Son Engagement

Like every year, SANIFLO renews its commitment to the World Plumbing Day, March 11th by supporting a project in Togo in Gbatopé Village.  In Togo, only 12% of the population has access to clean water and decent sanitary installations. In this village of 5.542 people, only 5 fountains and 2 toilets are available, and the equipment is in rather bad condition.  SANIFLO through French NGO "Hydrauliques Sans Frontières" offers financial support to a construction and renovation project in order to improve living conditions of the local population, improving access to water and to better sanitary equipment.  This project will help building 7 additional water fountains and 4 additional latrines in the village which will provide to the village community with clean water and toilets located close to villagers' houses.  This financial support will also help raising awareness on the importance of using toilets for better sanitary conditions. It will also b

Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms // Grandes Idées Pour Petites Salles De Bains

Most families get ready at the same time every morning and adding a bathroom complete with a shower can certainly alleviate possible daily drama and increase the value of your home while you are at it!  However, if you don’t have a lot of extra space, visualizing where to install it can be challenging, but you’d be surprised how little room you need to make it happen. Here are our big ideas to convert small spaces into a new functional bathroom: Colours and mirrors Use colour and light to make the space seem larger and consider combining a soft colour palette with dark accents, which helps to create balance while visually enhancing the space. Oh, and think about using large mirrors as they help reflect more light and instantly give the appearance of depth. Hide it Use compact tankless and wall-hung toilets such as the modern SANISTAR from Saniflo. Its self-contained toilet system saves space and can be mounted on any sturdy wall. Store it Floor to ceiling