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Four Emerging Kitchen Trends For 2019

Kitchens represent a sacred space within the home for both individuals and families across Canada. They are a communal area where we share stories, break bread and spend a great deal of time in while at home. Now, more than ever, Canadians are recognizing the importance and comfort that having a uniquely designed kitchen can provide them and their loved ones. The days of bland white kitchens and safe design choices are officially gone, replaced with fun, modern looks that owners and renters can feel proud to call their own.  Here are four of the most notable emerging trends for kitchens as we close in on 2019:      Mix it up! White, minimalist designs are out while bold and colourful looks are in. Don’t be afraid to mix and match quirky patterns on cabinets, tables and counter-tops. Feel free to experiment with unique design features like curved light fixtures or in-kitchen bookshelves. Year 2019 is a chance to express yourself, don’t let it go to waste!