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Three Simple Plumbing Renovations To Complete This Fall

With the winter season approaching, the temperature is finally beginning to cool down; so, if you’ve been putting off a home renovation project, there is no better time than now to get on it before winter arrives. Traditionally, bathroom and kitchen renovations involving plumbing can be challenging, expensive and lengthy. SANIFLO ®  provides access to simplified plumbing renovations with its multi-application, above-floor plumbing solution, the SANISWIFT ® , a drain water pump suitable for use anywhere in the home where additional fixtures are needed. This unique, above-floor installation means there is no need to break the concrete or cut into the walls, making renovations easier and more cost-efficient. Access to water and an electrical outlet is all you need! Here are three fall renovation projects homeowners can accomplish in as little as one weekend with the SANISWIFT before the snow flies.       1. Install a new sink or shower in the bathroom Two upgrades you can m