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Top Tips To Beat The Chill In Your Bathroom // Des Conseils Judicieux Pour Une Salle De Bains Chaleureuse Et Réconfortante

With the days growing colder, it’s becoming harder to get out of a warm bed each morning to get ready for the day. The thought of bare feet touching cold bathroom tiles is enough to make anyone shiver with dread. So here are a few quick tips to warm up your bathroom this winter season. Add a cozy rug or bathmat Add some warmth underfoot by putting a bathmat or small area rug in your bathroom. Not only will your feet thank you, it will also help insulate your floor from heat loss. Install heated flooring Add some luxury to your bathroom with a heated flooring system. Electric cable or mat kits are an easy DIY solution  The radiant heat circulating under the floor will rise and warm up your entire bathroom while making it more comfortable to forgo those slippers! Add a towel warmer What could be a better spa-like experience than stepping out of the shower or bath and wrapping yourself up in a warm, cozy towel? Heated towel bars