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Five Popular Bathroom Trends For 2018

If you’re about to start a bathroom renovation or are in the middle of making selections for your remodel, here are some of the most popular trends leading into 2018. We’ve compiled a list of the latest in styles, finishes, and design, not to mention technology. So, whether you’re looking for easy upgrades or a complete overhaul, these hot trends are sure to inspire. Larger spaces, more storage Gone are the days when the bathroom was used only for hygiene. Today’s homeowners want a space that offers more beauty, more relaxation, and more function! Increase the square footage of your bathroom by expanding into a neighbouring bedroom or closet, or relocate the bathroom to a larger area in the home. If renovating to create more space isn’t an option, you can make the room appear larger by opting for big floor tiles, neutral colours, and expansive mirrors. Modular furniture items and practical pieces that offer plenty of storage help to eliminate clutter and free up more space.