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Celebrating Summer With New Home & Bathroom Décor! // Célébrez L’Été Avec Un Nouveau Décor De Maison Et De Salle De Bains!

Summer is upon us! One of the many things people love about summer is the opportunity it gives to redecorate our homes. Recreate the happiness you feel in the summertime with décor that reflects the beauty of the outdoors! Check out our tips to get your house & bathroom ready for this season.           Keep it light While winter often reminds us of cozy snug spaces, summer is all about being clean, simple and fresh. Give your house more space to give it an airy look that reflects the lighthearted and carefree summer spirit. Easy ways to do this are simply de-cluttering busy spaces like countertops and hallways, or moving furniture closer to the walls to give the middle of the room more space. If you want to be a little more specific, try redoing your bathroom. Bathrooms have a prime opportunity to look elegant if done right. Often, bathrooms become chaotic because they tend to be smaller. The Sanistar takes up little space, looks modern and fresh, and is a great way to ma

Saniflo’S Upflush Plumbing Solutions Solves Tough Lakeside Kitchen Renovations Challenges // Les Solutions De Plomberie Saniflo À Chasse Vers Le Haut Permettent De Relever Les Défis De La Rénovation De La Cuisine Au Chalet

Saniflo  i s making cottage kitchen upgrades the perfect weekend project thanks to the Sanivite ! This versatile drain-water pump is designed to handle waste from kitchen and kafe sinks, washing machines and even from a dishwasher, a welcome luxury for any vacation home.   Sanivite by Saniflo While cottage renovations can be very difficult, especially when it comes to kitchen plumbing, the Sanivite is engineered for the toughest drain-water applications. With its unique pumping capabilities, it is perfect for remote cottage locations and older vacation homes due for an upgrade. With simple installation and no need to break the floor or the walls, kitchen renovations can be completed in as little as one day, meaning you still have time to enjoy your weekend by the lake.  The Sanivite is capable of handling waste from a variety of fixtures and can pump up to 16’ vertically and/or 150’ horizontally with gravity fall. It’s small enough to fit in a kitchen cabinet or under th