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10 Environmentally-Friendly Tips That Won’T Break The Bank / 10 Conseils Écologiques Qui Ne Videront Pas Votre Compte En Banque

Are you environmentally conscious? Do you want to hop on the ‘green living’ bandwagon, but are you unsure where to start?  Saniflo invites you to discover a new way to take care of your home while keeping in mind both ecological and economical factors! Follow these ten simple tips: 1. Vintage is the new modern   Take that old couch and have it reupholstered! Find a fresh new fabric at a local fabric store. Additionally – check Kijiji or Craigslist for deals on used furniture – people often get rid of quality furniture due to lack of space when moving homes. 2. Recycle Recycling is not only simple, it can save you money too! Return those bottles of wine for a little extra cash. Make this habit your ‘good deed’ of the day, saving the environment one bottle at a time. 3. Go paperless Most major companies are going paperless, switching to online billing methods. Not only does this save paper, but also $1-$3 dollars per bill, as companies are now allowed to charg