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Four Tips To Avoid Frozen Plumbing This Winter // Quatre Trucs Pour Éviter De Vous Retrouver Avec Des Tuyaux Gelés Cet Hiver

No matter how mild the winter may seem thus far the next big freeze is likely not too far away. Couple this with surprise cold snaps and a tendency for plumbing maintenance to fall by the wayside, and you have a potential flood of problems on your hands. Being prepared at the beginning and planning is the best way to prevent potential issues from happening Instead of scrambling for the emergency plumbers’ number, here a few tips to make sure your Saniflo unit, your plumbing and your home making it through the winter weather: 1.  Insulate Start by figuring out where cold air is getting into your home, or where your pipes or Saniflo units are exposed and protect them. Seal cracks and gaps that let in air and insulate exposed piping or the unit itself, especially in places like exterior walls of your home or unheated basements. Typically foam installation can be installed to help protect against winter temperatures. 2. Maintain the Temperature Turning down the temperatu